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Getting Young Kids Involved in Family Finances

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Financial intelligence is one of the most important skills in today’s modern world.  With it, you’re able to set yourself up for a future full of promise.  Without it, you’re struggling day in and day out, with no hope of … Continue reading

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The Family Investment Pot

Many of the historical “Great Families” became well-known because of their vast fortunes.  Some of these families fell into irrelevance, while many are still well-known today.  The Vandebilts, Du Ponts, and Cargills all hold a certain station in the United … Continue reading

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What Teens Need to Learn for Long Term Financial Success

Building a Great Family means preparing the next generation to continue and improve upon the traditions and the legacy you’ve spent your life building.  Previously, we’ve discussed some of the basics to teach your children as they grow beyond the … Continue reading

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Paying for College… or Not?

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From nearly the moment your children are born, the question of whether or not to pay for college begins forming in your mind or being asked by “concerned” friends and family.  Can we have a few years to make sure … Continue reading

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Teach Your Kids: The Foundation of a Great Family

One of the largest transitions during your 30s is having children.  Suddenly, not only are you in charge of providing for yourself, but you’re now in charge of caring and providing for a completely defenseless human being with whom you’ve … Continue reading

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