Be Even Steven

Moderation leads to a happy and healthy life, while extremes cause an unsustainable pattern of highs and lows.  Can moderation also lead to a successful life in all important aspects?  Being Even Steven (apologies to the women reading this – there seems to be no female version) does not mean a life of mediocrity.  Rather,… Continue reading Be Even Steven

Read Long Form Writing

Long form writing has seen a bit of a rebirth in the last few years.  The difference between long form and short form writing is best illustrated by the difference in a single, local newspaper article and a 10 page New Yorker article.  Beyond the different lengths (1,000 words seems to be the accepted cut-off… Continue reading Read Long Form Writing

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Be Accountable: Track Your Progress

Self-discipline, focus, and grit are all key components of making steady progress towards your ideal life.  Behind all of these is the concept of accountability.  Accountability means being responsible for your own actions and answering the consequences of those actions.  It means not passing the buck and not shirking your responsibility.  It’s a trait we… Continue reading Be Accountable: Track Your Progress

Process, Not Goals

Goal setting is so ingrained in our society that it would be heresy to suggest there is any other way to get ahead.  Like anything else, goals can be positive if used correctly, or they can be debilitating if used incorrectly.  Most of us use goals incorrectly.  We set unrealistic goals or we set them… Continue reading Process, Not Goals

Financially Independent or Retired Early?

There is a healthy and active FIRE community online.  FIRE, for those unfamiliar, stands for Financially Independent, Retired Early.  Most often, the retired early part implies retirement in your 40s, if not your 30s.  But the question becomes: do you really want to leave the workforce at a young age?  Instead, would you rather be… Continue reading Financially Independent or Retired Early?

The Family Mission Statement: Your Family’s Guiding Principles

A Great Family does not come about by luck or by circumstance.  It comes about due to intentional action, discipline and focus.  Most people just meander their way through life.  Some are more successful than others, but most move from one short term action to another.  In business, companies that meander often don’t last long. … Continue reading The Family Mission Statement: Your Family’s Guiding Principles

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Building Optionality in Your Investment Portfolio

Disclaimer: The article below discusses certain investment strategies, some of which I am using currently in my personal portfolio and some of which I am not.  Do your own due diligence before making an investment decision.  It’s your money; you’re the best person to judge what is best to do with it.

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About Me

I am an investment professional managing a multi-billion dollar endowment pool.  I am married with two children, and looking to create lasting generational wealth.  I hope to provide my children with the tools needed to give them a head start in life.

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